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Warm water from a bath or shower can not only help diminish pain, ease the mind, and promote comfort, but may also encourage labor to progress. Enjoy the use of our birthing tubs or jetted shower heads.

Pink Bath Tub


Changing positions during labor is a helpful way to keep labor progressing and may avoid unnecessary interventions. Being mobile throughout labor gives you the ultimate flexibility to get comfortable, and may also help baby get in the best position for birth. We do not require continuous monitoring & allow you the freedom to move around as needed.

Birthing Centre


Nitrous oxide is an effective pain relief option for many women during labor and delivery because it helps to promote relaxation while reducing both pain and anxiety. It is self administered by the birthing mother and is in control of how frequent it is used during labor. This option has been used for pain management in other countries for over 50 years and has gained popularity and use in birthing centers and hospitals all over the U.S. We are excited to be the only birthing facility in the area to offer this to our patients.

Water Birth


Lakeview Birth Center has on staff doulas for birth support during labor. A doula offers physical, emotional, and educational support to our families. They work hard to provide pain management, breathing techniques, and comforting techniques to help with a stress free birth experience.

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Pain Management: Our Services
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